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What is a eDiig Online Marketplace?

These are online sale facilitations conducted on the website of EDIIG, where participation is only for registered Sellers and pre-approved buyers. You can be a part of this pre-approved buyer group if you meet the eligibility criteria and receive confirmation of your registration from EDIIG Team.
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Who is eligible to participate?

Persons who meet the criteria mentioned below are eligible to participate in the Online Marketplace of EDIIG.

They include:
  • You should have a valid Address Proof   Identity Proof
  • You should have a working landline telephone connection   a mobile phone connection
  • You should be a Business person, with business proof like visiting card, letter pad etc.
EDIIG Registration: To participate in an EDIIG Online Marketplace event, you must first register. Log on to the internet and enter www.ediig.in to reach the Home Page of EDIIG.

Please follow the steps below to start the registration process.
  • Click on the Register Now link on the top right side of the page to start the registration process.
  • You will be taken to the EDIIG buyer registration form.
  • Registration Form - Simply fill the form with details as required and a User ID and Password of your choice. This User ID     will be required in every auction you participate in and should be kept confidential. After the form is duly filled, review your     information for accuracy and click the 'Submit' button.
  • Documentation for Authentication - After you have completed the above Registration and Agreement Acceptance process, you need to submit the required documents to EDIIG, via courier, post or fax.
  • Completion of Authentication - Once your documents are authenticated, you will receive the rights to participate in select online events in EDIIG .You will also receive an email confirming your authentication.
Pre-Event Process
  • Event Details - Whenever there is an event, for which you are eligible, is scheduled, you will receive an SMS with the schedule. You will also get the list of products for inspection through email or at the location where the products are displayed.
  • Product Inspection - You can then inspect the products prior to the event. It is your responsibility to check the condition and all documentation of the products thoroughly before the event because all products are sold on an "as-is where-is"   basis.
Participating in an Event

A] Steps to begin the Event
  • Logging On On the day and time the event is scheduled, you need to log on to the internet using the url: www.ediig.in. This must be typed in the address bar of Internet Explorer.On doing this , you will come to the Home Page of the EDIIG.
  • You will be asked to Sign In. Enter your User ID and Password
  • Click on My live Event in which you are eligible to participate, to go to the live event page.
  • The Live event page will display all the products put up for auction by that seller in the city for a particular category.
B] EDIIG Live Event Page

Here's an example of a Live Event Page:

Learn what each column means:
  • Title - – To know more details, click on the title of the vehicle. This will give you details of the product
  • Start Time/ End Time - This will tell you the time at which the event begins and ends, which will help you to plan your participation in the event.
  • Base Price - It is the price at which the sale for a product begins. Every product will have a different Base price.
  • Current Quotation - It displays the highest current quotation amount for a product. It is important to keep refreshing this page to get the latest quotations for a current event.
  • Quotations - It displays the total number of unique quotations that have been recorded for a particular product.
  • Quotation Increment - It is the minimum price by which the quotation amount has to be increased in order to overtake the current highest quotation.
  • Select - To be able to quote on the product of your choice, click on the "select box" of that product. Only then will you be able to enter your offer amount.
  • Quote - You need to enter your Quotation amount in this box.
C] Price Quotation Process

(i) How to Quote
  • On the Live Event page select the product you are interested in. You do this by clicking on the select box on the listings page.
  • After you have clicked the select box, the Quote box will get activated. Now you can enter your quotation amount. You can either enter the next valid quotation amount or you can increase the quotation in exact multiples of the minimum quotation increment amount and not more or less than the specified quotation increment.
  • After you have entered the quotation amount, click on the 'Quote Now!' button which is at the bottom of the page.
  • A window will pop-up to confirm your quote submission on that vehicle. Click the "OK" button to confirm your quotation.
  • The status of your quotation will be shown in the same Live Event Page. If your quotation is higher than the current highest quotation, then a green coloured icon will be displayed against your quotation with 'Best Quote ' written next to it.
  • If your quotation amount is not higher than the current highest quotation, then a red coloured icon will be displayed against your quotation with ' Low Quote ' written next to it. The status depends on the following:
  • Quotations are sorted in order of Price and then Time. A quotation of the highest value shall be entitled to purchase the product. For example, if you quote Rs. 1,00,000 and another buyer quotes Rs. 1,01,000, the other buyer is entitled to purchase the product, irrespective of the time of the quotation. However, if there are two equal quotations, the buyer who has quoted earlier is entitled to purchase the product.
  • If your quotation is "Low Quote" , increase your quotation amount, till the closing time.
(ii) Using the Auto Quotation feature

The Auto Quotation feature offers for you with the specified quote increments up to the maximum amount that you have chosen. The feature has been designed to automatically quote for you even when you're not online.

For example , if you have entered your quotation amount as Rs. 1, 00,000 and set your Auto Quote at Rs. 1, 20,000.And if another buyer quotes Rs. 1, 10,000 , your quotation will automatically get updated to Rs. 1, 11,000. This is because the quote increment is fixed at Rs. 1000. So when someone quotes higher than you, your quotation amount will automatically increase by Rs. 1,000 more than the other buyer's. This way you can enter your highest price for that vehicle and keep it confidential.

Here is how you place an Auto Quotation.
  • On the Live Event Page select the check box in the select column.
  • Enter you maximum Quotation amount in the 'Enter Quotation Amount' box
  • Click on the box 'Use Auto Quote'. You have now activated the Auto Quote feature. Please note that the Auto Quote feature is optional. In case you want to opt out of this feature, uncheck the Auto Quote box by clicking on it.
(iii) Refreshing a Quotation

It is very important that you keep refreshing the Live Event Page in order to get the latest status of the quotation amount and the Best Quotation, so that you can increase your quote accordingly.
You can do this by clicking on the button 'Click to Refresh' which is at the top and the bottom of the Live Event Page.

(iv) Auto-Extension of a Product in a Live Event

If a buyer places a last minute quote, the end time of the product gets extended by two minutes from the product close time.

For example, if the end time of an product is 4 pm and a buyer places a quotation at 3:59 pm, the product is extended to two minutes after 4 pm, i.e 4.02 pm.
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Disclaimer :The website is merely a platform to facilitate sale of vehicles between intended sellers and buyers. Sale is not concluded on the website. The property in the vehicle will get transferred directly from the seller to the buyer.